Right now I am working hard harder hardst
on my upcoming solo exhibition in May.
Somehow I managed to squeeze out an
extra painting for Scope art fair New York!
It will be on show in Kallenbach gallery's
booth from March 6 - 8.

close up Chinmoku for Scope NY 

mural by me in Wynwood Miami 2014 


take out of Echoes of Havorn 

detail of a new painting for Scope  

represented by Kallenbach gallery
Showing at blooom art fair 2014!!: represented by Kallenbach gallery

sneak peek of 3 new works 

detail of my new work Buteo eyes. 

artwork for Giant Eagles 

article about me in C magazine 

new screen print out now 

I am showing at Scope art fair 

sneak peek Naja Naja 


my book the Colorblindfold 







artwork for Serengeti 

first peek of a part of a new piece 

37x29 cm edition of 50
Namua Giclee print: 37x29 cm edition of 50



customized jacket for Blue Blood 

artwork for Holy Soda commercial 

Wasbeertje, part of a KH painting 

me and my mural at JWT Amsterdam 


Namua by Silas at Realisme 

detail from page 1 of Daan 

showing at Bijbels museum 

KAMP HORST at museumnacht 

Nacht de la noche by KAMP HORST 

Walls at Affordable Art Fair 2012!! 

Liv's droom  

King Kong illustration for 7Days 

KAMP HORST at route du nord 

K H shirts for sale 

birth card for Thura 

Thura Khaleesi Schletterer 

photo by Marco Buddingh 


in progress... oil on wood 

sneak peek 

work in progressss 

close up 'American future' 

Cool Runnings by KAMP HORST 

shirt design for ASC 

ASC art book 

work in progresssss 

part of the 'war on drags' mural 

working on a new screen print 

close up new painting 'Suture' 

ELEVEN beamed at AffordableArtFair 

Walls representing me at AAF 


antistrot at Heerlen 

detail of a new painting 

detail of album cover 'remix pack' 

2 pages in '200 best illustrators' 

a page in '200 best illustrators'!! 

logo for marco grandia 


new shirt design ( 


part of B5 

artwork i did for my upcoming EP.