Silas Schletterer was born and raised in Middelburg, The Netherlands. At the age of 19 he moved to Rotterdam to study Illustration at the Willem de Kooning academy of art, from which he graduated in 2000. After a couple of years of working as an illustrator, he decided to follow his heart and started focussing on his autonomous work. Today he makes a living as a contemporary artist.

Inspired by films and fashion photography, he chooses young women and men to star in his work. The paintings he makes tell a story. Stories about beautiful, but lonely beings in quest for perfection and happiness. The composition of his paintings often tends to be cinematographic, and nature claims a central role. The relationship between human and animal, the search for a long lost soulmate and a desolated habitat are recurring subjects in his work. However, Silas’ work simultaneously engages with you as a totality and as a multiplicity, telling you one particular story in a particular way, whilst at the same time, silently asking you to consider an increasing number of other stories and questions. The same goes for the series of portraits Silas produces. Portraits that make you question the story, the sentiment that lies behind the facial expression of the personage.

The characters he paints are fictive. By combining facial parts of different models and recomposing them into a new model Silas creates portraits of distinct personages. Although his work can be recognized by the boldness of his colour palette and by that certain way of characteristic painted key players, Silas keeps experimenting with this classic theme.

Silas was a member of Dutch art collective Antistrot (1997 -2010). This renowned group of artists did shows all over the world (Tokyo, Miami, Dublin,..) including two solo exhibitions in New York and San Francisco. Currently Silas is one of the 6 members of the art collective KAMP HORST , established after the demise of its predecessor Antistrot. The main focus of its six members lies on making group paintings on both canvases and walls, but illustration and design also make up a big part of  KAMP HORST’s body of work.

Resume of Silas


Websites: www.silas.nl & www.kamphorstrotterdam.com

Education: Willem de Kooning academy of arts (1995 – 2000)

Graduated in 2000 (illustration)

Silas is represented by Jaski gallery and Kallenbach gallery

He was a member of the Rotterdam based art collective Antistrot (1997 -2010)

Currently Silas is a member of the art collective KAMP HORST which was established in 2010

Prizes: Runner up for Volkskrant Visual Arts Price in 2007 (with Antistrot)

  • Solo exhibitions

2017 Miose at Jaski gallery, Amsterdam

2015 Descendenten at Walls gallery, Amsterdam

2013 The Colorblindfold at Walls gallery, Amsterdam

2012 While we wait for the sun to come, duo show with Martine Johanna at Walls gallery, Amsterdam

2011 New Relics, trio show at Blaak 10, Rotterdam

  • Art fairs (selection)

2017 Art Miami, represented by Jaski gallery, Miami

          Aqua Art Miami, represented by Kallenbach gallery, Miami

2016 Urban Art Fair Paris, represented by Kallenbach gallery, New York

2015 Scope art Miami, represented by Kallenbach gallery, Miami

2015 Scope art New York, represented by Kallenbach gallery, New York

2014 Scope art Miami, represented by Kallenbach gallery, Miami

           Blooom art fair, represented by Kallenbach gallery, Cologne

           Affordable art fair, represented by Walls gallery & Maijke Husstege gallery, Maastricht

2013 Affordable art fair, represented by Walls gallery, Amsterdam

           Art at the warehouse, represented by Walls gallery, Rotterdam

           Realisme art fair, represented by Walls gallery & Maijke Husstege gallery, Amsterdam

  • Group exhibitions (selection)

2017 Superstar at Elizabeth Houston gallery, New York

          Back home at Jaski gallery, Amsterdam

          Holland at TENT, Rotterdam

2016 Works on paper at Kallenbach gallery, Amsterdam

          Studio opening at The Penthouse, Rotterdam

2015 Return to the wild at Auguste clown gallery, Melbourne

           Anus#2 at KYAS Art Salon, Amsterdam

           Death & Sexuality at Schau Fenster, Berlin

           6 x 6 show at Auguste clown gallery, Melbourne

           Death & Sexuality at FB69, Munster

2014 Group show at Brisky gallery, Miami

           End of summer at Kallenbach gallery, Amsterdam

           Miscellaneous The Summer edition at Walls gallery, Amsterdam

           Works on paper at Kallenbach gallery , Amsterdam

2013 Summer collection at Walls gallery, Amsterdam

2012 Identity at Walls gallery Amsterdam

           Prints and the revolution at De Pijp, Amsterdam


           Prints and the revolution at Rokin, Amsterdam

           LFTFLD at Chiellerie, Amsterdam

           Fashion Radio at Studio 80, Amsterdam

           Duo show at Tweede Kamer/VVD fractie, Den Haag

           No Name at PUNCT, Tilburg

           Fitzroy & Bruut, Amsterdam

           Windkracht 13, Den Helder

  • Selection of most important publications Silas

2017 Publication and interview in Klassik Magazine

          Publication and interview (artist of the month) in The Guide Artists

          Publication in Luciano Benetton’s Imago Mundi

          Publication in the art book ‘Holland’

          Publication and interview It’s liquid.com

2015 The dancing wasteland, a book publication by Silas of selected works from 2013 until 2015

           Handsome girl, publication in Anus art magazine #2

           Descendenten solo show review on Beautiful bizarre.net

           Interview in F.A.L.L. magazine

           Publication and art on the cover of Art Alert magazine

           Publication and interview in Culture magazine, Florida

           Interview on DJBroadcast.net

2013 The Colorblindfold, a book celebrating Silas’ best artwork from 2003 – 2013

           Interview and publication on Goldfished.nl

           Interview and publication on Artworks online

2012 Review and interview in Parool news paper  about the exhibition Beyond the streets

2011 Review exhibition in NRC news paper about the show New Relics

2010 2 pages in 200 Best illustrators worldwide (art book by Lurzer’s Publisher)

           Jaarboek Kunstenaars by Stichting Kunstweek

2009 SF Chronicle’s review of mural at Shooting gallery

2008 Blend Magazine article about art by Silas

  • Important purchases of paintings:

Purchases by many collectors world wide

Sold out the Colorblindfold show at Walls gallery

Zeeuws museum purchased porcelain by Bas van Beek and Antistrot

Boijmans van Beuningen purchased the painting Draai Orgy by Antistrot

Nationale Nederlanden purchased the painting No communication by Silas

Unilever purchased the painting Mom’s wolf by Silas

  • Selection of most important exhibitions of KAMP HORST

2016 Studio opening group show and mural at The penthouse, Rotterdam

2015 Mural at Fluor, Amsersfoort

           Death & Sexuality group show at Schau Fenster, Berlin

           Death & Sexuality group show at FB69, Munster

2014 Mural at Patronaat, Haarlem

           Miscellaneous The winter edition at Walls gallery, Amsterdam

           De Aanschouw at De schouw, Rotterdam

2013 Solo show at Glassworks, London

           Mural at Frame, Copenhagen

           Mural at Raaf, Rotterdam

           Realisme art fair, Amsterdam

           Art at the warehouse, Rotterdam

2012 Solo show at Bijbels Museum, Amsterdam

           Mural at JWT, Amsterdam

           Identity Walls group show at gallery, Amsterdam

           Mind Map group show, Venray

           Re:Rotterdam art fair, Rotterdam

2011 The war on drags group show at Meneer Malash, Amsterdam

           Sturm und Drang group show curated by Arno Coenen at KUS gallery, Heerlen

           Metal Heart group show at Art Biennale Twente, Hengelo

           Metal Heart group show curated by Arno Coenen at Autocenter, Berlin

  • Selection of most important solo exhibitions Antistrot (2000 – 2010)

Solid Cold at Shooting gallery (San Francisco),

What we do is secret, Sara Tecchia gallery (New York)

A/P/A/R/T at Nadiff (Tokyo),

Threesome Hell at  Winzavod (Moskou),

Banners at Sergey Kuryukhin cultural foundation (St. Petersburg),

Amateur Kaviar, Kabinetten van de Vleeshallen (Middelburg)

  • selection of commissioned murals Antistrot (2000 – 2010)

Shooting gallery (San Francisco)

Nadiff (Tokyo)

Boijmans van Beuningen in 2009 & 2004 (Rotterdam)

Aqua Art, Art Basel Miami (Miami)

3rd Ward (Brooklyn, NYC)

Careof (Milano)

GEM Museum (Den Haag)

Hugh Lane Gallery (Dublin)