Latest news

New painting

I recently finished this new painting. It will be added to ‘paintings’ soon, so stay tuned for the entire image.

Represented by Jaski gallery

Proudly I am letting you know that from now on I will be represented by Jaski gallery, Amsterdam. I have been following this excellent gallery with its high quality artists for many years now, so you can imagine how I feel about this.  Check out their website for more information on the gallery and the artists.


A few weeks ago I received an invitation by It’s LIQUID group for entering the FUTURE LANDSCAPES, an international art and architecture festival in Venice during the Venice Biennale. They told me they would love it if I could exhibit one big painting at the festival and around that same time I was about to finish my newest painting ‘The Great Desolation’, wondering where I could show this new piece… So the decision was easily made. On October 6th opens FUTURE LANDSCAPES, International Art and Architecture Festival (the third event of BORDERS Festival) hosted in Venice, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery. (The image shown above is a detail of ‘The Great Desolation’)

Holland project

Musician Mark Lotterman asked me to make a contribution to his newest album ‘Holland’. Mark came up with the idea to start a project to ask painters, writers, scientists, schools and photographers to contribute something to one of the songs from the album. Currently I am working on a painting that represents my interpretation of one of his songs. The project will be exhibited all around Holland and Great Britain. For more info on the project and songs check the website.

Imago Mundi

I had the honor to be chosen amongst 139 other dutch artists to make a painting for Luciano Benetton’s art project Imago Mundi

New studio opening

Sunday June 12 I had an official opening of my new studio with my studio buddies. We also revealed our newest KAMP HORST mural in our studio and each four of us showed their solo work.